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How It Works


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Fill Any Box

Drop in gently used women’s and kids items (any brand) and men’s items (Tommy only). Then, send to thredUP via USPS or FedEx.*


Get Tommy Credit*

Earn Tommy credit for eligible items that sell in the listing window. See payout timeline.

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Bonus! For a limited time, earn an extra 15% in Tommy shopping credit.

what you need to know

Clean Out Basics

Quality Standards

Only 50% of items in the average kit qualify to be listed. The rest will be reused or responsibly recycled, or you can opt to have your items returned to you.

  • No Signs of Wear

    No Signs of Wear

    Including pilling, fading, and shrinkage.

  • No Damage

    No Damage

    Like missing parts, rips, stains, and odors.

  • No Alterations

    No Alterations

    Including missing sizing information.

Payout Examples

For eligible brands, payouts are 3%-80% of the sell price. Some value brands are ineligible. See payout percentages.

  • Old Navy Dress

    Old Navy Dress

    $0 payout Why?

  • J.Crew Sweater

    J.Crew Sweater

    $6.71 payout
    (21% of sell price)

  • Céline Bag

    Céline Bag

    $332.79 payout
    (80% of sell price)

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